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Our game company was born of a need for unique and thrilling destination games that we couldn't find elsewhere. As parents of a large family, we struggled to find items that we could bring back for our entire family. We would create our own games for a trip. Our friends and family suggested that we start selling them. Thus, Commander Sea Otter Games was born.

Every game is internally tested by playability, ease of learning and how fun it is. Many games are developed but very few pass these rigorous tests. Once a game passes these tests, other players are brought in and taught the game. Their suggestions are taken into account. Although this method takes time, it produces easy to learn and fun to play games. 

We started creating games for two of our favorite destinations, Alaska and St. Croix, USVI.

We had our world debut of our two first Crucian games, Seas the Shoal© and Postcards from St. Croix© at the AgriFest 2024 on St. Croix.

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