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Crucian Gallery © is a virtual art gallery that has Crucian-cultured art.


Sea Otter

Several different nations have flown their flags over St. Croix. St. Croix was colonized to grow sugar cane. Sugar production was labor intensive. The labor came from enslaved Africans. The Crucian culture has been the most influenced by these enslaved Africans. The Africans brought their food and religious beliefs with them. Moko Jumbies are one of the most celebrated traditions.


Moko Jumbies are tall, stilt-walking, colorfully-dressed people with covered faces. The word ‘Moko’ means healer. ‘Jumbie’ is slang for ghost or spirit. The Africans viewed a Moko Jumbie as a seeker or a protector. It was believed that the height of the Moko Jumbie allowed them to see evil before it arrived and warn other villagers.


In St Croix, one can see Moko Jumbies in parades and at celebrations.  The presence of the Moko Jumbie at Crucian festivities is a blessing and an honor. They are true symbols of Crucian history, culture, and heritage.

St. Croix is one of our favorite places. We love the Crucian people and their culture. We would love to hear what you love about St. Croix at:

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