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Welcome to the Water Hole

pictue of the wate hole

The Water Hole Tale by   Graf van Kurt and Nour Hassan is a kids book for ages between 3-10.

The book is split into chapters that teach 

values in a fun way that kids can understand.

The books are printed and mailed by Amazon.

Check out below the reviews and the animals below to get a better look of this fun-filled family book.



My kids love this book. I can't wait for more to come out by this writer.

Katie Johannsen

Eagle Mountain, Utah

LOVE this book

Great book. I bought a book for my oldest granddaughter and I am planning to buy more for my other grandkids. They love the animals. I loved the message they taught

Michael Klerk

Vancouver, Canada

Wonderful kids book

This is a wonderful books book. My son likes the stories.

Hans Hade

Heide, Germany

Water Hole Friends



the Elephant

Talking bad about others



the Flamingo

Dealing with peer pressure



the Secretary Bird

One can make a difference



the Rhino

Good method dealing with anger

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